Monday, March 27, 2017

Obvio 828 Electric Car - Modern Electric Micro Car?

It seems that Obvio went from going to make a gas powered 828 and 012 to just making an electric version of the 828. It looks really nice. It is really small. I think it would definitely qualify as a modern micro car.
Here is the Obvio logo. It seems rather silly. I wonder how many think that would be something that would be great on a little car. 
Here is the 828 of Obvio. While I think this is nice, I think the 012 is a way better way cooler design. I have only seen the 012 in drawings and not an actual vehicle. 

This shows how small the Obvio 828 is when compared to the Fiat 500.

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New Tesla Roadster as a Modern Micro Car? Maybe?

I saw an article on the new 2017 Tesla roadster. The article was at Clean Technica. The article is dated 2014 but one can still hope. I think the design is really nice. It seems it could be based on a Lotus design? I think it is really cool and green.
Here is the design at the Clean Technica site.
Clean Technica site logo.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Myers Manx SR and SR2? Modern Micro Car?

I think the Meyers Manx SR is a cool little car. It is definitely small. Motors Town has a nice online article on it. They make dune buggy kits but the one I saw was really neat (shown in the article above). I think it takes the dune buggy a step up from the traditional form to make it more stylish and more street worthy. It seems to be more on road than off road. I like that it has doors. It - with the dune buggy they make - are kit cars.
Flickr seems to have a 'poster' of the colors of the Meyers Manx SR.
Jalopnik article on the Meyers Manx SR2 (dated 08/18/2010) questions whether one would pay $8900 for it as a kit. With its unique styling, I think it would do well.

I checked the Myers Max site but it does not seem to offer that model anymore. I would it would be very appealing today. I do like their more traditional dune buggy style that they have now.
Old Bug has an article of a Meyers Manx SR for sale. It seems it is an unfinished kit.

I always wondered if one could make a dune buggy using the Smart Fortwo as the donor vehicle? Since the dune buggy would be lighter in weight, it could have very good acceleration and fuel economy.  While Jalopnik thinks the Smart would be better off as a dune buggy, they do show what a Smart dune buggy might look like. I think it is neat. Instead of replacing the Fortwo, I think it would be a great addition to it.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Calypso Caravan; Micro Camper for a Micro car?

I saw photos of this motorcycle caravan / camper. Wikipedia. It was designed for motorcycles but I think it could easily be towed by a micro car, especially if it is a modern micro car. It is a Calypso caravan. It looks like a micro version of the Airstream camper. I found these photos online. I am looking to see if there is more information on them.
This shows the relative size of it next to the tow vehicle, a motorcycle.

The interior looks nice. It seems to use every bit of space inside.

This shows it not just a bed but also table to do things on, the inside being adaptable.

Here is the close up of the table.

Here is the gull wing door. I think it is better than the small door found on some smaller teardrop campers.

Perhaps to really make them usable as a camper for small to micro cars, it would have a wider stance so they won't tip over as easily and give them a little more room on the inside. It would be nice if someone came out with a plans, a kit or just the whole camper (similar but different to prevent any lawsuits that be charged for infringement on the design). If they did, I would definitely check it out. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jeep Trio Concept (2003); Modern Micro Off Roader?

Even though the concept from Jeep is from 2003, I think it could still sell today. I think it is a shame they did not produce some version of this really cool off road vehicle. Jeep Trio Concept 2004. Car Designs News has a nice article on it. I agree with Car Designs News in that it would fit in today. I would put it on my list of next possible cars to buy if they produced it.
I like how small it is. I definitely consider it a modern micro car. 
The seats look comfortable. 

It has a Jeep look to it yet keeps it modern.

I like the ground clearance. I like how the wheels are exposed.

The back seat is neat but I don't more than one person could fit back there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Continuous Variable Transmission for Modern Micro Cars?

Personally, I think the CVT - continuous variable transmission -  is cool. They give the economy of the manual transmission while giving the convenience of the automatic transmission. One generally associates them with scooters but there are cars that also have them. I have read of problems with the CVT but I think they are making them even better now.
Here is a visual of the CVT (from Wikipedia). 
Here is a simple demonstration of the CVT (from Wikipedia).

I think they would be ideal for small cars since it would give them an even greater miles per gallon rating yet give them more appeal with those who want an automatic transmission. I think of some small cars as more 'enclosed scooters' than small cars. I think it would be great in a front wheel drive front engine combination or a rear wheel drive rear engine combination; either giving more space inside the vehicle which what is a premium in small cars. 

One such small car was the Subaru Justy (Wikipedia). 
From what I read about it, it not only had a continuous variable transmission but also four wheel drive. It would be nice if Subaru brought back the Justy with all wheel drive and a continuous variable transmission. Perhaps they could rename it 'Outback Jr'.  

Here is a list at Wikipedia of vehicles with a CVT. There were a lot more cars than I expected. It includes cars present and past. 

One such car is the Mini Cooper. The automatic is a CVT. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Future Brubaker Box?

There is an article that indicates there might be a future Brubaker Box. The article is by Jalopnik.
I liked the original Brubaker Box. I like the design and shape of it. If they do actually make a new one (the article above is dated 2014), I wonder how much it will look like the new one.
I think one could make one using the Faraday Future platform of batteries and wheels. One would not have to worry about getting parts from an older air cooled Volkswagen Beetle or micro bus. It would also make it green. I believe the Faraday Future platform (video) is adjustable.
I think an alternative to the above could be the engine and transmission and (lengthened) platform of the Smart Fortwo? The Fortwo has a rear wheel drive and rear engine similar to the VW Beetle. One could adapt the Box design to accommodate the radiator but I think it could give a little more modern look.