Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Suzuki LC Concept?

I was looking for modern micro cars and found this. I think it looks really cool. It would be neat if it went beyond being just a concept but they actually make it and sell it. It would be cool if they sold it in the USA after putting it in production. 

The article and photos are from Paultan Org

I like this design. I wish there was a size comparison of it with a Smart Fortwo. Perhaps if they had a person near it to show relative size? I think they did a good job on the design. 

One can see the door and inside. I think it looks really nice. I think it would look better with the left hand drive; so it could be brought to the USA. 

Since it is for Japan, it is right hand drive. The inside seems roomy but it is not easy to show size since there is nothing to compare it to; size wise. 

The article indicates the LC concept is an updated version of their Suzulite design from the 1960's. 

I wonder how many cool compact concept cars never get made. Perhaps they were too expensive to make, or the design does not transfer well to a production vehicle, or they don't think there is a real market for it, or it does not meet USA safety standards? 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Modern Micro Car Trailers? They are tiny trailers that are made to look like cars!

I saw someone post a photo of a motorcycle - later a Smart Fortwo - towing a tiny boat on a trailer. It turned out to be a trailer that was shaped like a boat; one can see it would be way too small to actually be used as a boat. It was a small cargo trailer. It looked really neat. The web site was Car Replica Trailers.  It was mostly trailers made to look like muscle cars and trucks. At one time - IIRC - they had one that looked like a boat. It was neat. The car shaped ones were also cool looking.  They have coupe trailers, sedan trailers, sport truck trailers, sedan delivery trailers, sports car trailers, classic car trailers, wagon trailers, NASCAR trailers, and race car trailers
I found the site for this boat trailer at one time but I have not found it again since. I think they might have discontinued it. It is smaller than the other ones. Perhaps they could bring it back but make it a little bigger and a little more practical? (just thinking out loud). 
Facebook's Modern Micro Car group is where the above photo was posted. 
I think it was also on the forum at Smart Car Of America. 

I keep wondering if I should have titled my home web site TomLeeM but the above works too and I really like it. 
why should art be just stuff that collects dust when it can be on items that can be used or worn.
This is my art items store.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Eleca? Three Wheel Electric Vehicle? A Modern Micro Car Or Modern Electric Trike?

I came across a three wheel electric vehicle that looks really cool and futuristic. It is called the Eleca. The site is MyEleca. It has some unusual styling. If one wanted a vehicle that won't get noticed, this isn't for you. If you don't mind standing out from the crowd (unless it is a crowd of Eleca's), this is the vehicle for you.
Here is the Eleca. It is very aerodynamic and futuristic looking. It doesn't look it but it seems to be a two seat vehicle; one next to the other. 

They seemed to have reduced the price from $9500 to $8000. Even at the non-discounted price, it seems rather reasonable. It is more so at the lower price. I hope they are able to sell it at a reasonable price. I think it would make it even more appealing. 

It looks great being all black with red trim. The look is very futuristic; which is one of the reason I think it is cool. The other is that it is electric. Electric cars seem to be a future trend; repeating the past where electric vehicles outnumbered gas powered ones (until the electric starter came about). 
I think this is cool. I think it is called a 'clam shell' door. I can see where there might be a problem; where the people would be trapped inside if it ever flipped over. Perhaps with a curved roof, it might just roll back upright; which would allow those inside to get out? It is not easy to tell since - so far - it is just computer images and one - it seems - has not been made (yet?).

It does not seem to be produced or even an actual mock up of it. When it is manufactured (I am saying when and not if since I am hoping it will be), I wonder how different it will be from the concept. It seems concept look really cool but not always practical when being mass produced. I hope the design does not change too much when put into production (hoping it does). 

I think it could be even smaller than a Smart Fortwo. It is difficult to realize size when all one has is models and computer generated images. It would be interesting to see size in relation to those nearby or those who are inside. 

Nobe; Modern Electric Micro Car?

I came across a neat little three wheel electric car that is called the Nobe. I believe they are raising funds to get it produced. They are hoping for it to have a low price. I hope they do get the funding so they can manufacture it. It would be cool to see if on the roads . It would be neat to get to drive one.

I think this electric vehicle would be great for around town and cities. I am not sure about the top speed or range but I think it would also be great for short trips. Perhaps one could get an option of a range extender? Perhaps in the form of a small generator - bio fuel or hydrogen?

I like how the design has a retro look to it. I don't know if retro is still in but I think electric is a future trend. It seems more and more companies have been coming out with electric vehicles.

Personally, I think battery operated vehicles are not quite there. I think fuel cells would give electric vehicles a boost in energy when needed and extend the range of the vehicle and make it easier to and faster to refuel the hydrogen tanks (as opposed to having to wait for the batteries to recharge). There are many advancements in both fuel cells and hydrogen storage / creation.

I like this design. I believe the configuration of three wheels is better than four since it makes lighter in weight. I think the two wheels in front with one in back (reverse trike) is more stable than one in front with two in back (trike). 
One can see the arrangement of the wheels and the location of the batteries. It seem to show that each wheel has a motor (in hub motors). It seems to be three wheel drive. I think this would be better for traction. I think it would deliver more power / speed than with just one or even two wheels being powered. 

I believe there is some discussion as to which is better; in hub motors and a motor with a transmission. I think each has its good points and bad points. I lean more to in-hub motors. I think that might be a subject for another blog / post. 

I think it looks nice in red. I like the black roof in contrast with the red body. 
I like the simple interior. 
I think it looks better in blue; just my preference. I like the contrast of the white roof and the blue body. I wonder if one could put a design on top? Perhaps in a similar way some have done with the roof of the newer Mini Cooper. 
I like the shelf it has. I think some of the newer cars are getting a little too complicated which causes the price to go up. There are times I long for simpler times. I think this vehicle might be a return to those simpler times. 

I think vehicles look cool when looking at them from above. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Vespa 400 Based On New Fiat 500?

I think the Vespa 400 is really neat looking. It is a shame it did not do well with against the competitor; the Fiat 500.
This is the Fiat 400. I look at it and think the car in the Despicable Me 2 movie; the one that transforms but starts out looking very similar to the above. 

This is the Fiat 500. It is what was sold when the Vespa 400 was being made and sold. This is the older version of the 500. I am glad they brought the 500 and I like its incarnation. 

My idea is for Vespa to work with Fiat to adapt a 500 to make a newer 400. It would be - like the newer 500 - be longer and wider to comply with emission controls and safety equipment. Even if Fiat and Vespa did it as a concept car, it would be neat to see how it would compare to the original. It would be like comparing the older 500 with the newer 500. It would be like comparing the older Cooper with the newer Cooper. If it was actually put into production, perhaps it could lead to larger versions like the newer 500 and Cooper? 

Here is the new 500 next to two older 500's. One can see the differences and similarities. One can see the how bigger the newer one is when compared to the older ones. It went from rear wheel drive rear engine to front wheel drive front engine. 

Here is the newer Cooper next to the older Cooper. One can see the similarities and the older one. The one on the left is a four door. It is one of the variations.

All this is just me 'thinking out loud'. I like to wonder 'what if'. I wonder how something might look or might be or could be. Perhaps one day someone from either company or both companies could make it happen or see it as a concept or as a 'celebration' of the 400. 

The Despicable Me 2 car. One can see how it reminds me of the Vespa 400. Of course the one in the movie is more like a James Bond Q car than the original; having the features that an animated movie car can only have.  

Monday, March 5, 2018

Hankook iFlex - the tire for modern micro cars?

There is an airless tire that looks good but has no air; hence, it is airless. It is the Hankook iFlex tire.

I think an airless tires would be great for modern micro cars since they are really small and probably don't have a lot of room for a spare tire (at least not a full size one), even a 'doughnut' one. I have a Smart Fortwo and it does not have a spare tire, of any kind. It does have a can of sealant with connects to an air compressor but that only works if the whole can be repaired; otherwise, it would not work. There are other similar sized cars and some bigger ones where there is room for a spare but one has to pay extra to get one.

There is also peace of mind when one does not have to worry about a flat; which, an airless tire won't have since there isn't any air under pressure. There are a few airless tires that also have that also have the advantage of not having to worry about flat. One does not have to worry about being on a remote place when one has a flat tire or being in traffic or at night or during inclement weather.

I think the Hankook iFlex looks nice. They have a variety of designs with some being nicer than others.
I think this is a really neat design. I would love to have it on my Smart Fortwo. It would greatly reduce the worry about having a flat since my car does not have a spare, not even a 'doughnut'. 

This shows the parts of it and how it is eco friendly. For me, this is a side benefit and secondary to the ones I mentioned above. Seeing it apart makes it - in my opinion - even cooler. 

I think it is cool that it is so green because it is recyclable. The lower tire is not as nice as the upper one but still great looking. 

Hankook has other tires that are cool.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Liquid Piston Powered Modern Micro Car?

I came across a company that makes a newer version of the rotary engine. The company is called Liquid Piston. It seems to be a small company with a big idea (in my opinion). I think the engine is really neat. It seems to be a newer version of the rotary engine. I think it has potential since it is not restricted to just one fuel.

With it being a small engine and micro cars - old or modern - usually use small engines, I think it would be a great way to power a small car. With older micro cars (Microcar.org has a list of older micro cars), they usually use one or two cylinder engines and this could - possibly - be used in them. Since it is scalable, one could use them newer or modern micro cars. I could even see it being used in small kit cars (there are plans at R.Q.Riley and other places).

I think this little engine could be used for more than just cars. Their web site shows it being used in a variety of ways. This is for another blog, perhaps one on how the little rotary engine could be used.

I worked on it and it is better.

it is at Cafe Press